David Icke Debunked

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David Icke Debunked
This is 2.5 hour film from Chris White takes a very close look at
David Icke’s history and beliefs. It reveals the true sources of David
Icke’s theories which are often shocking , and should be very
concerning for a genuine seeker of truth. This is a well rounded
expose which is done respectfully, while still attempting to get the
average truther to reevaluate what they really know about the
“endgame” of the Illuminati.

A few of the things covered are:

His connections to Alice Bailey
His channeling several of Bailey’s specific “Ascended Masters” and
them being his lifelong guides.
The “Solar Logos” and “Galactic Logos”
The Seven Ray theory
The source of his galaxy-god to sun-god spiritual evolution is Bailey
The ghost of Carl Sagan
He supports “elite” worship of the sun
His new moon theory is retelling of his earlier crazy version
His moon theory is from Alice Bailey
The “Earth Spirit” or Gaia is from Alice Bailey
His support of Earth Spirit led Genocide
Atlantis and Lemuria
Hitler similarities include, Atlantis, spiritual evolution, arayans,
– Show quoted text –
the moon, hollow earth, Lemuria, contacting ascended masters, taking
drugs to increase the connection, and more.
Icke denounces Bailey and Lucius trust..and implications for him

Chapter 2
Brian Desborough, who is this guy?
Desborough’s crazy unbelievable story
Desborough is the source for a huge amount of material including the reptilians
Desborough introduces Arizona Wilder to Icke
Arizona “made to learn”
Ivan Fraser connection
Desborough writes “Alice in Wonderland”
Arizona’s “Old Ones” are really behind the NWO
Credo Mutwa
Reptilians on Youtube
Shapshifting according to Svali
Desborough’s new Jesus
Babylon supplied by Desborough
Debunking Babylon
David talks to “Jesus”
David has very conflicting views about the crucifixion
Davids claim to be “The Son of God” (actually his claim was that he IS
the second coming of Christ)
Debunking the Zeitgeist version of Jesus
Quick History
Queen of Heaven
Mother and child statues, Jesus and Mary
Dagon fish hat (pope)
Michael Talbot
The Holographic Universe
Holonomic Brain Theory
Sai Baba
The hypnotist that made the man see through his daughter.

Chapter 3
“The Guys.”
What it is
How he does it
Terrence Mckenna’s advice
Same thing with the 2012 history
Photon Belt
Demons in anthropology
Free will
Inspecting David’s testimony for clues
David preaches free will possession
Sleep Paralysis
David loses it in front of a painting
David’s infamous trip to Peru
History of that area of Peru
Ley Lines
Brazil with Ayahuasca
DMT the spirit molecule
The big question about the elves?
We are sitting ducks for the NWO
The REAL plan of the Illuminati.
Spiritual evolution
Promised utopia
ONLY out of the ashes
“Preparations until 2025”
“ Emphasis should be laid on the evolution of humanity.” – Alice Bailey
A deadly utopia for those who wont “evolve”
The paradox solution = The X factor
Alien invasion? intervention?
Religion must die
Saved from the war
The actual plan.


  1. Awesome, I’ll watch it tonight.
    up this to concen, comment section is moved to the forum so trolls are out and also it’d look good on ConspiracyHub a christian torrent site.

  2. Excellent documentary, Chris. It contains outstanding research, truthfully and well presented. Lord bless you for this.

  3. This is brilliant Chris – you’re doing God’s work. I will pass the word.

  4. I have been looking forward to this documentary. Thanks for taking the time to do the research and put all the information together.

  5. Thanks!I’m going to watch it right now!I went to the website last night and the link wasn’t active yet.I read the transcript and it is great.You got it documented how he has viewed Jesus as real,then as myth then as an Ascended Master then as myth again ad nauseum.That is more imortant than the obvious Blavatsky/Bailey connections,although that should raise some red flags for any thinking person with an ounce of integrity,discerning or not.

  6. Hey Chris,

    I finally got to watch the whole thing yesterday – good job dude. Thorough, well researched, and well presented. It’s just a shame about your main account being closed when it was. What are the odds of that happening just before you release your biggest project to date?

    Anyway, I heard your last podcast and thought I’d volunteer for proof-reading the transcript, if you haven’t found someone already. Just give me a shout on email or Youtube PM if that still needs doing – I’ll be glad to help.

    God bless.

  7. It’s about time someone made a film exposing Icke and the direct connection of his beliefs to theosophy/Bailey/Blavatsky/Mystery Schools. Well done Chris. I noticed the flack you are catching over on PPF, and it is disgusting to say the least. I wanted to make sure I posted over here on your site to let you know your work is appreciated in this fight.

    God bless you and yours.

  8. Wow! Amazing documentary. It was scary to hear David Icke say he feels different urges and intuitions but doesn’t care where they come from and his experiences with energy and shaking. Overall makes me want to read the Bible more.

  9. Great movie, didn’t tell me too much new info, but that’s a good thing. It’d been more enjoyable with a score though.

    It would’ve been nice to mention that humanity is willing to step into the same crap the 3rd time…expecting a different result of course.
    Hitler – Evolution
    Stalin – Social evolution (communism)
    Anti-Christ – Spiritual evolution (new age)
    or something like that.

  10. 5stars man, stellar work!

    I’ve just finnished up everything i am doing for the night so i think i’ll give this a second watch!

    I fully expect you suffer a back lash that you have never had before. You are entering dark territory.

    But, you will be fine! keep up the most excellent work!

  11. I’ve listened to David’s Debunking three times now. Fascinating -how much do you think he is deceived, and how much deceiving?
    No accident that he was previously in the ‘Green Party’ in the UK. He seems less malevolent than the likes of Michael Tsarion – more a slightly pathetic character like Jordan Maxwell. But you demonstrated the reality of his possession brilliantly.

    Chris, I agree with you more than anyone else I have ever heard and get real joy from your broadcasts – because of your intelligence, but also the feeling of true joy and freedom in Jesus Christ that emanates from you. Don’t get too slow or serious all the time will you? Don’t lose your sparkle. As times in the world get harder, that sparkle will become ever more precious.

    On pages 393-395 of Malachi Martin’s ‘Hostage to the Devil’, in the chapter called ‘The Rooster & the Tortoise’ we see another instance of a demon pushing the New Age vision – this back in the 1960s.

    Wonder if you’ve read the book – it’s worth looking at – it convinced me of the reality of spirit and was one of the books that led me back to Christ – not as a Catholic, hasten to add. It is also full of references to the occult agenda.

    Constance Cumbey and Dr Stan Monteith should have you on their shows! I did put in a plug for your movie on the former’s website, but it seems to have been deleted – perhaps as spam, sigh. Will keep talking about it though – I think you’re right on the money with the alien agenda thing.

  12. Great job,Chris.I hope everyone here spreads the link on forums and blogs.It’s on Icke’s forum in the religion section.Saw your thread on PP forum.Discussed on the new age Project Avalon forum by another channeling new agerwith a Scientology background[Bill Ryan]–yikes!Anyone here know where else it is discussed,please let everyone know.I’ll check your other website for the Braden Debunked video,don’t recall that one,although I know he is another new age torchbearer.The deception taking place is truly diabolical and will ensnare many folks that think they have all this NWO Agenda figured out,unless they have the protection of the Holy Spirit and are covered by the saving Blood of Jesus Christ.All these new agers in the truth movement are preaching the same things Crowley,Blavatsky,H.G.Wells,Hubbard,and the Zeitgeist crowd are peddling.

  13. I wrote a post about it on a forum I participate in – visionvictorymanifesto.com along with a short summary/commentary, so that even people who wouldn’t watch it can skim through that and get some information. I also posted some of the videos from YouTube and links. I’m also featuring it on one of my YouTube channels.

    It’s on Icke’s forum hehe – that’s great!

  14. DIck-e Duck shoot down. 😀

  15. Keith Smith

    I found your documentary very informative and interesting. I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed watching David Icke’s video presentations on google etc. I am old enough to remember him, when he was a famous sports presenter on the BBC, and I remember the ridicule he received after his appearance on the Wogan television show. About two or three years after his appearance, it was still not uncommon for television comedians, to ridicule the man. When David Icke says: a comedian only had to mention his name, to create laughter and ridicule! I can personally assure you or anyone else! This is a true fact.

    David Icke had a successful career with the BBC as a top sports presenter. This would indicate me and many others that; he isn’t a snake oil salesman with the likes Jordan Maxwell. On a slightly different point: why he allowed himself to be associated with Maxwell [Camelot interview] bewilders me!

    Some of my thoughts;

    The first Point: Is he genuine in what he believes? Remembering he destroyed his television and political career because of his beliefs. I would at this stage believe that he is genuine in his own personal beliefs.

    Second Point: ‘The Lizards’. I personally do not believe this, and as far as I am aware; he [Icke] has yet to show any sort of evidence of the existence of lizards other than AW or the Africa witch doctor’s testimony. Having watched the interview with AW (some time ago), in my personal opinion; she is not ‘believable’.

    I didn’t watch the whole programme, because her body langue indicated and reminded me of someone who was trying to remember a story, they had been told! rather than someone speaking from ‘first hand’ experience. I ‘think’ cancelled the video clip after her sentence about the robe(s) colours. Confusing purple and red robes isn’t a mistake, someone who was actually there, would make.

    This along with her body langue, indicated to me ‘she was lying’ and wasn’t a credible witness. As for the Crado character! I’ll leave that one open to interpretation.

    Third Point: ‘The Global Elite’. David Icke is ‘spot on’. The global elite do exist and they do control us. What David however fails to mention or realise: If we copied the French revolutionaries and chopped off their heads! Someone else will come along and refill the gap. I just don’t believe the elite are non-human, in-fact, I would suggest their behaviour is ‘completely human’.

    The masons do exist, and their behaviour and favouritism to their fellow brothers is a known fact, that I know for sure. They probably do worship devil figures, in my opinion (known or unknowingly) but that’s only speculation on my part. When David Icke discusses the masons in his lectures, he is in my opinion ‘100%. Anyone who exposes them deserves respect in relation to this.

    Forth Point: ‘Reality form Icke’s prospective’. I must be a right-handed brain person because; I have always struggled to understand Icke on this subject! It’s hard to explain, but when you are watching his lectures, you begin to get an understanding or start to get a grasp of his theory, then about an hour later!! It doesn’t make any sense. He is rather good at trying to explain the impossible, with using the similarities of Wi-Fi, desk-top computer, etc.

    I have to admit, until I seen your debunking documentary, I didn’t understand what Icke was talking about in relation to protons or wave colours, etc(My brain probably edited it out, as Icke would say). You’ve explained it better than he did. I have noticed in his newer lecture’s he doesn’t discuss his earlier opinions or maybe he’s just using different terminologies.

    I have to admit; that when David Icke discusses the sheep mentality and how we restrict ourselves because we fear the opinion and reaction of others, and how we are expected to conform towards the prison mentality, is in personal opinion ‘liberating’. I always knew there was something wrong with this in sociality and Icke made me realise that. I agree with Icke! We should all act as individuals, and ‘be what we want to be’! I don’t believe this was directed at the bankers etc (if you understand my meaning).

    So yes I agree some of David Icke’s opinions and I realise some of his evidence is at the least ‘wanting’ and his sources are ‘rather’ devious. However I believe the man is genuine in his beliefs, and he has a positive attitude towards encouraging individuals to be stronger. He is also highly articulated and interesting to watch.

    I disagree with his opinions on Jesus ‘strongly’, not by belief alone! I know my history and your about ‘spot on’ in relation to Rome. I don’t really take much notice of his truth vibration but he does have interesting and truthful subjects to articulate. I would hazard a guess that; Icke is slightly ‘gullible’ and far too trusting with his contacts and sources. In other words; he believes anything that might match his own theories (if he’s actually sure what these are). Anyone who isn’t weak minded and has a little bit of common sense, should be able to tell the difference.

    It was a good documentary and I ‘totally’ agree with your earlier Jordan Maxwell one (he has to be exposed). I just feel the documentary could have been slightly more balanced, as in its present form, it seem like an attempt to completely discredit him, which could back fire and actually strengthen his supporters warped opinions and ‘ALL’ his ideas. I just don’t believe Icke is another Jordan Maxwell, in my opinion; he’s either far too gullible or he’s mentally ill, after watching your documentary! I’ve come to the conclusion ‘he’s a bit of both’.

    PS this is only my general opinion and isn’t base on any research.

  16. 😀

  17. Stephanie

    The apostle Paul surely had David Icke’s number, almost 2000 yrs. ago, when he noted in II Corinthians 10:4-5, that spiritual warfare would entail “…casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.”

    Thank Chris, for fashioning an effective tool in helping to destroy the blasphemous and outrageous myths spun by David Icke. You’re a true spiritual warrior and my prayer is that as a result of your debunking, many eyes will be opened, and many lives turned over to Christ.

  18. Witchfinder

    Chris, this is fantastic. You’re doing the best work since Bill Cooper in my opinion. Icke drives me crazy. Sometimes I want to strangle him with the nonsense he puts out, and other times I feel really bad for him, as he is obviously in a very unhealthy, unhappy, and deceived state and appears sometimes to be under the influence of drugs. The occult will do that to you, I know cause I was there. It’s a very sad and lonely life despite the barrage of feel-good New Age messages and nobody deserves to live in such a state. I hope David will come around someday but it’s hard to be optimistic.

    Thank you for your personal audio response, and congrats on being able to pull this info together and get it out to the public. Icke’s well-intentioned, truth-seeking fans need to see this excellent film!

  19. Was the thread on Prison Planet forum moved or thrown down the memory hole?You can find the Icke lizard free child board thread under live shows,but the thread on this documentary is gone.

  20. Elias Bartheng

    Dear Chris,

    I have just finished watching your recent documentary, ‘David Icke Debunked’. I wish to congratulate you as you clearly put a lot of effort into many parts that were researched. Unfortunately there are a few discrepancies I need to point out. I myself am no christian, however, I am very open minded and won’t disregard any theory without proper analysis or sometimes even personal experience.
    My first point I would like to address are the parts where you refer to David Icke’s sources as Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and various other occult figures, predominantly freemasons. My question, do you believe that all of freemasonry is based initially on evil intentions? Was freemasonry not infiltrated by Adam Weishaupt’s crew prior to 1800 thus eradicating any benevolence over time? Therefore is it not plausible to think that both Madame Blavatsky as well as Manly Palmer Hall were in fact nothing more than shamans predicting the future, with the aid of the ascended masters, or rather the spiritual entities of Atlantis, so to speak? I still to this day entertain the belief that not all freemasons are part of this plan to control mankind – however, they are bound by brotherhood to aid any brother mason in need – that is the crucial issue here and of course root of this particular problem.
    Secondly, you brushed David Icke’s (and others’) experiences in spiritual realms off as ‘questionable’ and ‘unreliable’ . The truth, you claim, lies only in Jesus. To this I will say that I was brought up christian and was pushed back into christianity in my early 20’s, by a good friend to this day, mainly due to misfortune and hardship. I turned to Jesus, confessed my sins, went to church, prayed and fasted….all for about 2 years. I cannot deny the sense of tranquility I initially felt, which is what kept me in it for that long. But as time grew, i found myself increasingly more miserable and depressed and many so-called christians in my life turned out to be very big hypocrites.
    In fact, I realised that all I was doing, I was doing out of fear. The fear of Hell, The fear of failure…you get the picture. The more I turned to christianity, the more I felt I was surrounded by demons rather than angels. I ended up in despair with no christian caring and most of them mocking and insulting me.
    It was during this time that I discovered the self….the Higher power within me. It had absolutely nothing to with any researchers, not David Icke nor Jordan Maxwell or Michael Tsarion. The reason? At that time I had only ever heard of Jordan Maxwell due to some programs I had seen in the 80/90’s. Both David and Michael were unknown to me. My awakening came not through any researcher but through the vision I experienced within myself, which made me realise where the real truth lies. I found that this truth lies only in pagan belief and not in christianity. Looking back at it, it’s been there all my life, I now know. I have come to realise that christianity (which made me extremly uncomfortable as a child) was the worship of non-existence and that being free and unmanipulated meant being true to oneself and not a God that demands worship and punishes you in the afterlife and thus makes you taxable after death. After all, how could an entity that preaches about altruism and forgiveness be so vindictive, cruel and unforgiving? If the christian holy trinity is indeed so very unconditional in terms of love and forgiveness…then it should no doubt forgive those who have fought it, not seek vengeance and annihalition of its enemies. I am, by the way, quoting the Bible directly and am not taking any vicar’s or priest’s word out of context.
    Fact is, that the only peace that I feel is within my own self, through meditation and, what christians would call ‘occult’, rituals that are standard pagan practice of self-empowerment. Can you not see that the sheer notion of a ‘third party’ God in a biblical sense, is the ultimate form of mass manipulation and control – because it instigates fear NOT love. Would you therefore not say that anything based on love is therefore more benevolent than something stemmming from fear?
    I can see and hear from you demeanour, that you are not an imbecile. In fact, you appear to be a very sensible human being, with many valid viewpoints and very little prejudice. It is for this reason I sat through 2 hours and 27 minutes of your documentary – even though I realised early into it, that you are a christian – and therefore don’t share my beliefs. As it stands I do not regret a minute of it and I am very eager to read your response.
    Now, I have another question for you. In your opinion, what was the reason the conquistadores burnt such a multitude of ancient south american books? Many of the survivng literature indicates alien visitation and genetic manipulation, why has this been suppressed by followers of jesus christ? Even if none of it is true please explain to me why the christians would go to such lengths to suppress information instead of just being candid about everything and refusing to lie to its followers?
    As it stands, we have unearthed in recent decades, that satanic rituals are indeed practised by not just business moguls and politicians, but also priests, bishops and popes. Judging from the history of christianity from its early days, it appears that all was just one big scam to fool and control everyone and only in recent times, the cracks are starting to appear, as the pillars of corruption and deceit are crumbling. Yet even with all this crumbling…..there are still billions of people putting their faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible, where is this minority that you spoke of in your documentary, the remaining few, so to speak? It appears in my view that more are turning towards christianity regardless of the paedophila and satanic ritual abuse practised by so many of its clergy. Don’t you find this more worrying?
    To conclude I will say this. Although you have conveyed some very crucial points in your documentary, you failed to offer any solutions as an alternative. You simply said to follow Jesus….what else, though? What knowledge do we need to acquire? How should we conduct our lives in order to be more receptive? What is it that we need to do to break free from deception completely, once and for all? How do we obtain inner tranquility, peace and eternal life? All these are pertinent questions that any inquisitive truthseeker would ask, yet you failed to answer any of them. Surely you are not suggesting that all we need is to pray to Jesus? As I recall were you not the one who subtly criticised the likes of David Icke for over-simplifying certain matters? The notion that only Jesus is the answer and nothing else seems excessively simple to me.

    Anyway, thank you for your time reading this e-mail and I hope to hear back from you soon. In the meantime much love and enlightenment to you:)


  21. Elias Bartheng

    Addendum to my last post:

    I wanted to add that if David Icke is guilty of one thing, and I am completely objective in saying this, it is of being an arrogant and self-centered person, who failed to credit his sources to an adequate extent. I don’t see Icke as a ‘saviour’, not even as a prophet – I see him merely as a tool for research – I don’t agree with all he says but some of the things you pointed out in your video, are not included in that I’m afraid.

  22. Elias,

    Get help! Or at least watch the video, in full this time.
    When you accuse the church, you fail to make a distinction between christianity and Rome, which the film was at pains to make.

    You fail to make a distinction between religion and Jesus, a distinction made by the film, and an important one.

    You’re not surrounded by demons, just hunger pangs! The bible doesn’t teach us to fast, nor hold up graven images up of the baby jeesus with his mother Mary. The Roman church teaches that the way to the son is through the mother. But it’s not true. You only have to read a bible for yourself (and that stuff is near the beginning), but romans are taught not to.

    Separate the child from the mother. Separate your relationship with Jesus, from that of your religion. You’ll soon see those demons off.

    And stop trying to promote alternative views! Anybody can see that they are causing you some distress.


  23. snoopsnuffleopagus

    Hi chris, nice website you have here. keep up the good work……….:)

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