NTR – 06/29/2011

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I talk about a new project “The New Age and its Relationship to the Antichrist” Sleep paralysis, 2012. verse by verse, recent plans, revisiting depression cures, understanding the gospel, JW testimonies and I play the meaty part of the testimony of Jon Courson.

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Recent 2012 blog
Gospel videos
Download entire Jon Courson Testimony


  1. Hey Chris I look forward to your new project. Great Testimony. Here in the Netherland johova witnesses go door to door (in amerika to?). The just keep coming every year or so. Maybe it would be an idee to make a dvd for them, that explaince why they are wrong. So if they come to our doors we can give them information instead of they trying to “inform” us. Tell me what you think.

    God bless

  2. “Elenin- 2012 Hoax” Debunked. 😉
    The website opens with long rambling intro with far too much information about the man who discovered the “comet”, as an attempt to show us how well researched they are.

    Wild claims – The first claim they make is that theorists claim that the comet will collide with the earth. This is simply not true, as in my research, I have not found one person claiming this. Only that it will pass along the trajectory laid out on the JPL website and pass closer to Earth than any of the planets, greatly rocking it with its massive gravitational field.

    Then they go onto say that it will not pass through the Tail. This is of course assuming it is a comet. If it is, it would be the slowest comet we’ve seen yet, approaching the sun at arounf the same speed the planets rotate around it. The reason we can see comets streaking past the earth at high speed is because they usually go a LOT faster than the planets. In this case, it is impossible for it to be a comet, or we would have spotted it by now. It is in fact a DARK brown dwarf star, a failed star with a massive gravitational field, one that is affecting Earth and possibly the other planets too.

    Leonid Elenin – Again they are picking their arguments to try and make their point. Nowhere have I heard anybody claim Leonid Elenin to be made up. They pull a mad post off of abovetopsecret, and reference that as if its valid. They have to focus on these small unimportant arguments because they can’t say how anyone could have predicted the earthquake in Japan. Can you explain it?

    Don Yeomans – This is not a comet. NAZA called it a comet because calling it a brown dwarf star would alert the worlds amateur astronomers who would initiate widespread panic as a dark star passing that close would rock the earth to the core. Comets don’t move that slow and they certainly don’t cause 8.8s and 8.9s when they align. At the next alignment we will be caught between the suns gravitational pull and elenins, which will be almost right on our ass.

    The next point addresses comments by NAZA, who recently put their staff and families on alert, to prepare for a disaster, you can see the video memo in the links below and on their website, along with FEMA, the EPA and many others.

    Chris I really think you’re glossing over this because you fell for the Stitchin stuff before, as many did. But this isn’t a mad conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, being pushed by new age saps, this is a genuine event in our history, and most of the people warning us about it are Christians. IT is not a planet, with aliens living on it, it is a brown dwarf star on a 4,000 year rotation around our sun and could possibly be the same astral body that caused the flood. Try and sweep it under the carpet if you will but if you check the links below you you’ll see that there were websites and videos, astronomers and Christians, predicting the Japanese earthquake and minor pole shift, to the day, saying it could be a 9.0 and to get the hell out of Japan ASAP.
    This isn’t something to be laughed off and dismissed like Stitchin. The website above does NOTHING to debunk or rebuke any of the Elenin information I have heard. 99% of researchers on the topic say that it is going to come closer to Earth than any astral body, and will align in septmeber and in October. On Feb 27 2010 the alignment caused the Chilean8.8, then in 2011 we got the 8.9 in Japan, what’s it going to do when it gets as close as it does? If it causes a quake, which physics dictates it should, it’ll probably be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. I’m not one for apocalyptic predictions, I just try and serve the lord, but can you tell me honestly you’ve looked at the data and find it lacking or you just don’t want to believe it, because it sounds crazy, reminds you of Niburu and it means many people will die and theres nothing we can do?

    Its either as I’ve said it is and someone is conspiring to hide it, or NASA and the lovely folks at HAARP are conspiring to create massive earthquakes on specific days and I’m more inclined to believe that it’s a large astral body than a complicated conspiracy that doesn’t make much sense, especially when you look at all the info available. Its like the time I realised the new age was a sham, I didn’t want to believe it but I couldn’t ignore the large volumes of truth I would come across. The above effort is not going to convince anyone of anything. It’s copy and paste from a sceptics website, a man who doesnt believe in the New World Order and mocks the bible, which addresses issues which are moot points, things nobody mentions except for fringe message boards. Look at the original material, and you’ll find nobody of any value is claiming elenin will hit the earth or that it is just a comet. NASA are saying its just a comet and its harmless but can I ask one thing of you? Please at least try to explain how so many CHRISTIAN websites and youtube videos predicted the earthquake, comparing the alignments to last year’s Chilean earthquake? This was days and weeks in advance of the actual quake.

    Here’s a video of alex jones talking about one of the people who predicted the quake, followed by her actual video.

    http://endtimesforecaster.blogspot.com/2011/02/comet-elenin-and-pole-shift-theory.html – one of the better sites on Elenin, run by a well read christian.
    The website you quoted off contains the writings of a poorly researched, close minded, bible-mocking researcher with a large ego who doesn’t even believe in the new world order and you’re listing him as a credible source even though he addresses NONE of the points that surround this issue.

    Proof the website is run by anti-biblical assholes, just huge sceptics of everything who happened to focus on 2012 and do minimal original research: http://www.2012hoax.org/rants http://www.2012hoax.org/wormwood

    All the alignments, past and future.
    I challenge you to debunk elenin, based on the real and popular points, not debunking claims like “elenin will hit the earth” when I’ve heard nobody except youtube commenters say that.
    I will be putting together something on it very soon but the audience you reach is FAR greater.

    Most importantly, watch this guys videos:

  3. You can’t deprogram a JW, I proved them the 6-day creation from their bible and debunked all their material they brought to me and they did not even think that they can be wrong, they don’t trust the Bible not even their “bible” they trust what the stupid Watchtower publishes, they say Jesus is the only way but then you have to join a physical institution, a corporation.

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