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The Islamic Antichrist Debunked – A Comprehensive Critique of the Muslim Antichrist Theory

About This Book

Never before has such a complete refutation of the Islamic Antichrist theory been in print.

Chris White critiques all the major arguments from Islamic Antichrist proponents such as Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat in a respectful but poignant way. He uses sound methods of biblical interpretation to show that the Islamic Antichrist theory is seriously flawed.

This book refutes all the major arguments for the Islamic Antichrist theory and reveals new discoveries about the origins of Islamic end times beliefs which call into question claims of Islamic Antichrist theorists concerning the supposed similarities of figures like The Mahdi and the Antichrist, Isa and the False Prophet, and the Dajjal and Jesus.

You will never see the Islamic Antichrist theory the same way again.

Topics Covered in the book:

The Islamic Empire being in view in the legs of the statue of Daniel 2 and the last beast of Daniel 7
The “people of the prince” in Daniel 9 referring to Muslims
The “Assyrian” In Isaiah and Micah
Types of Antichrist
Mystery Babylon being Saudi Arabia
The Mark of the Beast being Arabic letters instead of numbers
The 7th head of Revelation 17 being the Islamic Empire
Gog as the Antichrist
Various refutations of the theories concerning the Islamic Mahdi being the same as the Antichrist
And much more